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    Grow rice that feeds your revenue stream.

    It’s a sustaining food for two-thirds of the world’s people. And you grow it for a living. BASF helps rice growers succeed from planting and flooding to harvest through agronomic insights and products that deliver the quality and yields you expect.

    Grow rice that feeds your revenue stream. Body Image

    If you’re a rice grower who expects more, trust BASF to deliver. By providing an entire portfolio of solutions that protect your investment from seed to harvest, we can help your crops reach their maximum potential. Whatever challenges you face, BASF can provide the answers you need to get the most out of every acre. Grow SmartTM with BASF. Talk to your BASF representative or authorized retailer about any of the following rice solutions.

    Hula-Sabbatini Farms
    Hula-Sabbatini Farms has seen the benefits of a solid rice herbicide application as part of the Provisia Rice System.