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    Farming & Crop Protection Credenz® Soybeans

    Credenz® Soybeans

      Credenz® soybeans are designed using smart genetics. This means our state-of-the-art breeding advances the highest potential germplasm at each step of the breeding process to provide tailored varieties to fit any field conditions.

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    Benefits of Credenz
    Smart genetics designed to fit grower production preferences, field conditions, and disease and pest issues
    LibertyLink® or glyphosate-tolerant traits
    An excellent disease package for healthier plants and high performing yields

      Smart Genetics

      Credenz® soybeans are designed using smart genetics. Smart genetics works to deliver the most advanced soybean variety choices so you have the strongest foundation available today for any and every field condition your soybeans will face. Smart genetics is the key that helps you unlock the potential of your soybean fields and builds a stronger future through:

      • Herbicide-Tolerant Traits: Committed to bringing innovative seed and crop protection solutions to every soybean acre.
      • Tailored Varieties: National brand offering a complete line of tailored varieties to any field conditions.
      • State-of-the-Art Breeding: State-of-the-art breeding, advancing the highest potential germplasm.
      • Ongoing Innovation: Leading technology that provides superior weed control in high-yielding genetics.


    2018 Credenz Yield Report Data

      When you grow Credenz soybeans, you grow more. That’s smart.

      The 2018 yield results are in, and the proof is in the performance — Credenz soybeans continue to outperform Asgrow®* Roundup Ready 2 Xtend. Head-to-head trials across the Great Plains, Midwest and Delta showed Credenz’s LibertyLink genetics deliver the best yield, and the best return on your investment.

      *Asgrow is a registered trademark of Bayer Crop Science. Credenz is a registered trademark of BASF. © 2019 BASF Corporation. All rights reserved.

    LibertyLink System

      Ranked growers’ choice as the #1 soybean system in 2017, LibertyLink systemis the simply better solution for a stronger yield and superior weed control.

      Advantages from the LibertyLink System*

      Excellent Yield Performance

      • LibertyLink delivered a 2+ bu/A advantage over Asgrow® Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans**

      Superior Weed Control of Broadleaf Weeds and Grasses

      • 98% superior control of a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds and grasses***
      • Excellent control of resistant weeds, including driver weeds like Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and marestail
      • No known resistance in soybeans
      • Unique site of action (Group 10), unlike any other herbicide on the market†

      Convenience and Peace of Mind

      • Rainfast in four hours and proven crop safety with over 100 compatible tankmix partners with no buffer restrictions when applied per label instructions.

      *When applied according to label instructions.

      ** 2016 University OVT data including over 500 observations (IA, IL, IN, LA, MI & OH) as of 11/30/16. Yield shown summarizes average of all Credenz LibertyLink and all Asgrow Roundup Ready 2 Xtend varieties entered. Endorsement or recommendation by the universities is not implied.

      *** Results based on five years of trials where Liberty Herbicide is applied according to S.T.O.P. Weeds with Liberty Herbicide guidelines and as part of a complete weed control program where an effective residual product is used followed by Liberty Herbicide.

      † The active ingredient in Liberty is a Group 10 herbicide, which is the only broad-spectrum herbicide that effectively controls grasses and broadleaf weeds, and it has no known resistance in U.S. broadacre crops.

    LibertyLink GT27 System

      The LibertyLink GT27 system will couple high-yielding, elite genetics with three sites of herbicide action for broad-spectrum weed control. LibertyLink GT27 soybeans will feature tolerance to Liberty Herbicide®, glyphosate and, pending approval, 4-Hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (HPPD) inhibitor* herbicides.

      Advantages from the LibertyLink GT27 System

      • Unprecedented yield performance from new, elite genetics
      • First soybean technology enabling both Libertyand glyphosate herbicides
      • Also tolerant to a new HPPD MOA herbicide for soybeans, pending EPA approval

      * LibertyLink GT27 is not tolerant to all HPPD herbicides. HPPD herbicides currently on the market are prohibited for use with LibertyLink GT27 soybeans and may result in significant crop injury.

      Always read and follow label directions.