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    Let’s explore the limits of what’s possible on every acre.

      Every growing season is filled with decisions, plans, agronomic insights, guesses, second-guesses, challenges, and some very well-earned successes. Yours is simply one of the hardest — and most important — jobs on earth. And you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

      At BASF, we know you do this work because you love it, despite all the challenges you face — unpredictable weather, weeds and diseases, market prices, yield pressures, financial pressures, and so much more.

      We share your passion for farming. That’s why we partner with you every day to push past the status quo and get you the most, acre after acre, season after season.

      You may never leave this land, but on it, there are places you can go, goals you can reach, yields you can top. Our job is to help you reach them by applying the right agronomic thinking, customized planning and product innovations, all through a team of dedicated, highly experienced people at your side.

      Whatever growing season this is for you, let’s work together and see what’s possible in your operation, now and for seasons to come.

      Take advantage of a host of resources and information from your partner in the field.

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    Agronomic Advantage

    Credenz® Soybeans

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    Details about our acquistion, ordering, invoicing, tax exempt certificates, inventory reporting and more. 


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