Product Stewardship in our Agricultural Business

One of the tenets of sustainable agriculture is the responsible management of agricultural input, like seeds, fertilizer and crop protection. We need to produce healthy, nutritious and affordable food responsibly, with respect and care for human health and the environment. 

Therefore, we have established processes and business practices that support the responsible and ethical management of all our agricultural solutions throughout their entire life cycle, from discovery through usage to disposal. The progress made with such product stewardship activities is regularly mapped and reported to foster accountability at all levels.

Farming Stories

From lab to field, we at BASF Agricultural Solutions are committed to sustainable farming, finding the right balance of improving yields, protecting the environment and creating societal value. That is why we are working on solutions that foster biodiversity, address climate change and support smallholder farmers in areas with little access to agricultural technology or infrastructure, just to name a few.


Food Safety and Trade

We all deserve safe and affordable food. Irrespective of its origin. 

Artenvielfalt in der modernen Landwirtschaft

The Life Cycle of a Product

Stewardship is the ethical way to manage crop protection products from their discovery and development, to their use and final disposal.

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Safe Handling

Safe handling and usage of crop protection products is the basis of product stewardship. We continuously improve packaging and application solutions.

Global initiative

Our role is to help farmers grow healthy, high quality food safely, and protect the land that we all hold in trust for future generations.