Global PPE Initiative

Our commitment to safety is not limited to our employees but extends to our suppliers and customers. This is why we established the Global Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Initiative: to put the user’s protection front and center. As with all chemicals, crop protection products must be used responsibly, and safety measures are required to protect farmers and professional applicators from exposure to hazards.​

What does “PPE” refer to?

“PPE” refers to clothing and devices worn to protect the human body from contact with pesticides or pesticide residues. Wearing PPE greatly reduces the potential for human exposure. PPE includes such items as e.g., coverall, gloves, aprons, respirators and eyewear. Different pesticide products may require different PPE, therefore it is essential to read and follow the PPE section on every product label.​

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How do farmers get access to PPE?​

We focus on sustainable business models to promote and distribute PPE by systematically embedding them in our commercial offers whenever possible. From 2016 - 2021, we have sold or distributed around more than half a million PPE kits worldwide. ​​

This is especially important for smallholders in developing countries. We believe that every farmer, irrespective of the size of the holding, should be protected from exposure hazards experienced on the farm. ​

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