Digital / High Tech Solutions

As farmers operate in an increasingly complex working environment, digital and high-tech solutions are essential to achieve easy-to-use and responsible decision support and to facilitate the everyday life of farmers and professional applicators.

What is the potential of digital tools in farming?

Digital tools help our customers to analyze and manage complex situations, harnessing real-time data and computing power to take the right decisions for optimum product efficacy while ensuring environmental protection. We use processed spatial data (GIS) to provide farmers with high-resolution information on what to do where. For spray operations, weather and geo-spatial data are combined to provide spray recommendations for enhanced product efficacy and minimization of off-target exposure.


What kind of digital and high tech solutions do we offer to make farming more comfortable and safe?

We develop and foster high-tech solutions like the Closed Transfer System (CTS) easyconnect® and the use of spray drones to make daily operations for farmers more comfortable and safer. In agriculture, innovation is a solution for current and future issues, which farmers appreciate.

Last but not least, we use digital tools to enhance our training and outreach effectiveness for stewardship activities via e-learning applications or mobile phone apps.

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