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Smart Stewardship At A Glance

Supporting farmers and professional applicators to use our products safely. We do this by providing access to information, tools and services that are tailored to every farmer’s or applicator's daily work. Our focus is on maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risks associated with the use of crop protection and pest control products.

What targets did we set for ourselves?

What impacts do we aim for?

What impacts do we aim for?

What impacts do we aim for?


 Safety of farmers


Protect our planet

What is our approach?

To protect people’s health and our environment, we provide access to information, services and tools, such as personal protective equipment (PPE), customized trainings and e-learnings, digital decision-support tools, and high-tech solutions such as spray drones or Closed Transfer System (CTS).

We believe partnership is key to effectively develop and implement best practices. It is also essential for making stewardship impactful on the ground, as credibility, behavioral change, and scale-up can only be achieved through a collaborative approach. Together with farmers and customers, business partners along the agricultural value chain, non-governmental organizations, local advisory services and governments, and industry associations (CropLife International), BASF is engaged to help farmers grow more healthy, high quality food in a responsible way.

We are working to establish a comprehensive concept through which we can deliver the means and knowledge fostering safe use in ways that are mindful of geographic and socioeconomic context. 

Stewardship is about responsibility and care – for human health and for the environment - something that we, at BASF, take very seriously. Our stewardship initiatives are integrated into our business activities around the world to provide customized regional programs, considering local conditions and the specific needs of farmers, applicators, and communities. This includes our commitment to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – an economically viable, environmentally sound and socially acceptable approach to crop protection, considering chemical interventions when the need is indicated, and no other effective options are available. In our smart stewardship activities, we are especially harnessing the power of digital and high-tech solutions to enable the responsible use of our products by our customers.

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