Product stewardship commitment

For BASF product stewardship is not just an empty word but it is an integral part of our daily work to which we are committed.

Our Vision

  • We are committed to sustainable development, living up to the highest standards in product stewardship.
  • We adhere to the responsible and ethical management of all our crop protection products throughout the entire life cycle, from discovery through use to disposal and beyond.

Our Mission

  • To protect human health and the environment through the development of innovative products, technologies and services.
  • To promote and support the responsible use of our crop protection technologies.
  • To support the inclusion of crop protection products in sustainable agriculture worldwide.

Guiding environmental and social targets

  • Implement and measure the progress of Product Stewardship activities in every function and region, and establish comprehensive global reporting.
  • Build a culture that encourages all employees to take personal responsibility for product stewardship.
  • Recognize customers’ product stewardship initiatives
  • Strengthen cooperation with both private and public sector partners along the value chain.


Stewardship involves everyone

Product stewardship is integrated into all of our business activities around the world. Each function and region has its own tailor-made programs, based on either functional expertise or on the needs of local farmers and communities.

However, the underlying principles of product stewardship remain constant and true around the world, irrespective of region or function, we are united in pursuing the same goal – making a real and meaningful contribution to sustainable agriculture.


Everyone wins:

  • For growers, it is about optimizing product performance, while developing and implementing cost-effective yet sustainable farming systems and practices that satisfy their customers’ requirements.
  • For our employees, product stewardship promotes a safe working environment, fosters cross functional cooperation and instills pride in our company’s values, principles and business ethics.
  • For shareholders, it helps to provide a sustainable return on investment.
  • For food manufacturers and retailers, it helps to address key concerns relating to the perceived impact of crop protection products on, for example, residues in food, water quality and ethical trade.
  • For consumers, it means the reassurance of eating affordable, healthy and quality assured food.
  • For all stakeholders, it equates to the provision of quality products and services, protection of the environment and a positive contribution to local communities.

Stewardship supports good business

Going the extra mile

It goes without saying that we meet all relevant laws, regulations and international agreements by acting in accordance with the principles of Responsible Care®, the FAO/WHO (United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organisation) International Code of Conduct on Pest Management and our own high internal standards. However, as a good corporate citizen, we want to go the extra mile to help farmers use our products in a responsible way, with due care for both human health and the environment.

Encouraging strong partnerships

Product stewardship includes regular communication about the benefits and responsible use of crop protection products and technologies, allowing us to build strong partnerships with customers, governments, business partners, non-governmental organizations and other key stakeholders.

Minimizing risks

A robust stewardship program decreases potential risks to human health and the environment.

Supporting a sustainable business

Competency in product stewardship is a given – it is essential for us to retain our license to operate. However, excellence in product stewardship can also extend the life cycle and profitability of our existing products and open up new business revenue streams.

Best practices

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