Farming Stories project: Safety First

Safety First

Thailand’s agricultural sector contributes to feeding the world and plays a vital role in the country’s economy. Nevertheless, most Thai farms are family-owned and operated and considered small-scale. Especially in those smallholder communities, it is important to encourage farmers to focus on the safe use of crop protection products from handling to spraying. The “Safety First” project supports the Thai government’s own farmer safety program.



BASF values the health and safety of people above all else. To make sure that crop protection products are used properly, BASF trains customers and consultants worldwide in their appropriate handling and optimal use.



BASF joined with several local partners, gave presentations at local farmer meetings, field days and distributor events to reach as many farmers as possible. To increase the outreach, key farmers were trained first, who were then able to reach other farmers, thus creating an education chain. Increasing the awareness of Thai smallholders towards safe and sustainable use of crop protection products is a vital part of their good agricultural practice. This included targeted training in the field and on the use of personal protective equipment provided by BASF.



PPE-kits delivered


Farmers reached (30 provinces)


SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-Being

Promoting responsible use of crop protection products as a cornerstone of a sustainable agricultural practice and health.

SDG 4 – Quality Education

Trainings customized to local requirements to be meaningful and relevant for every participant.

SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals

BASF collaborated with Thailand’s Department of Agriculture Extension and local officials.