Farming Stories project: Bringing Farmer Education On The Road

Bringing Farmer Education On The Road


Farmers located in the remote hilly areas of the Philippines often have little access to state of the art agricultural technology and safety know-how. This makes their daily farming practice time- labour- and resource-intensive, restricting yield potential and crop quality and limiting farmer profits and community livelihoods in the process. Farmers are looking for a way to optimize agricultural production and increase their yields and profits.



With our mobile campaign van, we are able to travel the country to remote areas of the Philippines. There, we host farmer meetings in partnership with local retailers, in which we offer training sessions with crop specific recommendations on good agricultural practice, proper crop protection products and safety procedures. Farmers get stewardship training on the responsible use of crop protection products and the importance of safety through the use of Personal Protective Equipment.




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SDG 2 – No Hunger

We support farmers produce more yield from their lands by providing them with quality crop protection products and information for its proper use.

SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-Being

We promote safe use of crop protection products through raising awareness, education and the distribution of Professional Farmers Kit directly to farmers.

SDG 14 – Life under Water

We support biodiversity protection by educating farmers on the proper handling of crop protection products, from their application to the correct cleaning and disposal of the containers.