Learn and Win Farmer Program

Farmers in the Philippines often live in remote areas. One-way communication like radio has long been used to get farming information to rural areas. Now, with mobile technologies gaining ground, the Learn and Win Farmer Program utilizes the mobile network to reach out and engage with farmers, delivering disease, product and stewardship information.



Mobile interaction with smallholder farmers allows for a better understanding of their specific needs and promotes activities that support the development of their business. As mobile communication is being used by many farmers in rural areas of Philippines, the use of mobile technology is an effective approach to capacity building programs for farmers.



By interacting with Filipino smallholder farmers in a more focused way, BASF is able to provide targeted recommendations on crop protection services, stewardship guidelines and general farming advice on a regular basis. This approach also facilitates the knowledge transfer between the grower and the BASF consultant. We connect to farmers in the Philippines via technologies such as Interactive Voice Recording and SMS. The messages contain focused information on effective and sustainable pest and weed management in rice. Because the approach is interactive, BASF can continuously adapt it to increase participation and reach.



% Average engagement (completed calls)


Farmers contacted


SDG 1 – No Poverty

Using mobile technology to support Filipino farmers in increasing their agricultural productivity.

SDG 4 – Quality Education

By using new communication channels based on mobile technology, BASF can improve reach and interaction with Filipino smallholder farmers on Good Agricultural Practices.