Partnerships For Sustainable Agriculture

We are a team of dedicated people who care about the future of farming. Applying our knowledge, passion and collaborative approach to help farmers find the right balance to achieve better yield.  We believe collaboration is essential if we are to successfully drive advances in sustainable agriculture.  Agriculture’s impacts are far-reaching. So it’s crucial to widen our view and gain new insights by working together with industry partners, research and other organizations, in multidisciplinary partnerships across the value chain.


Transformation requires partnership

We fully support the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create a framework for sustainable business practices at economic, social and environmental levels. We focus on topics where we as a company can make a significant contribution, such as food security, climate action, responsible consumption and partnership. We believe agricultural transformation requires collaboration across the entire food value chain.  Farmers, suppliers, agronomists and other experts need to partner to develop the farming methods of the future. To ensure that farmers around the world can continue to make an adequate income, protect the land, and provide the world with abundant, healthy, and affordable food. This complex balance can only be achieved through more public and industry investment in agricultural research, dialogue, and the responsible, thoughtful behavior of everyone involved. 


Partnerships – Examples of our value-chain collaborations

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dry corn field with young corn plants

Climate Smart Farming

30% reduction in CO2 emissions per ton of crop produced by 2030

Sustainable Solutions

7% annual increase in our share of solutions with substantial sustainability contribution
Die Technologie zur automatisierten Bilderkennung kann, beispielsweise unterstützt von Drohnen, die Art und Menge von Pflanzen, Schädlingen und Krankheiten in Gewächshaus- und Feldversuchen erkennen.

Digital Farming


400+ million hectares supported with digital technologies by 2030

Das easyconnect-System bietet eine überzeugende Kombination aus Sicherheit und Einfachheit bei der Handhabung von flüssigen Pflanzenschutzmitteln und reduziert potenzielle Risiken des Verschüttens und Spritzens während des Einfüllens in die Pflanzenschutz-Einspülschleuse.

Smart Stewardship

Safe use of our products with the right stewardship

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Farming Stories


Smallholder and biodiversity protection initiatives that contribute to modern sustainable farming and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.


Food Value Chain Collaborations

BASF, a provider of farming solutions, has been partnering with different stakeholders in this chain to meet the demands of the market.