Digital Farming

Digitalization has the power to transform agriculture. And make it more efficient, inclusive and sustainable. It’s vital for helping farmers feed the world’s growing population and manage changes in diet. And crucial to preserving scarce natural resources by helping adapt farming practices to address different conditions in different countries.  We are working with farmers to find the right balance of digital innovation, digitally-enabled products and practical on-field solutions, creating value for our customers and for the future of agriculture.  

What impacts do we aim for?


How do we achieve these impacts?

We are growing our agricultural know-how with digital solutions such as xarvio FIELD MANAGER for precise application of inputs and with Smart Spraying for targeted weed control.

What target did we set for ourselves?

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The future of farming is digital

Digitalization has immense potential for helping farmers achieve higher and better yields and is creating great opportunities for promoting resource-efficient and sustainable farming. Importantly, it has the capacity to reach vast numbers of farmers, including those in less developed countries.  Increasing knowledge and raising awareness of on-farm sustainability.  It can also help reduce the environmental impacts of global food production by enabling more precise application of crop protection products.  

Digital Farming – Examples of products and technologies

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Climate Smart Farming

30% reduction in CO2 emissions per ton of crop produced by 2030

Sustainable Solutions

7% annual increase in our share of solutions with substantial sustainability contribution
Das easyconnect-System bietet eine überzeugende Kombination aus Sicherheit und Einfachheit bei der Handhabung von flüssigen Pflanzenschutzmitteln und reduziert potenzielle Risiken des Verschüttens und Spritzens während des Einfüllens in die Pflanzenschutz-Einspülschleuse.

Smart Stewardship

Safe use of our products with the right stewardship

Related topics

The automated image recognition technology can, e.g. supported by drones, determine the species and quantity of plants, pests and diseases in greenhouse and field trials..



Where countries allow the use of drones for agriculture, farmers in the Global South benefit from drone technology achieving higher efficiency, up to 50 times faster application, 90% water saving and reduced potential exposure to agrochemicals. 


Ardena SMS Notification

Ardena is a free disease alert service developed to support Egyptian smallholder farmers. Registered farmers receive disease and other farming-related notifications directly on their mobile phones.



Sustainability assessment can help farmers address environmental challenges like climate change or loss of biodiversity while balancing business interests and social responsibility. One example of how we support farmers is by measuring the carbon footprint of their farming operation with AgBalance.

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Farming Stories


Smallholder and biodiversity protection initiatives that contribute to modern sustainable farming and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.