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Water stock

Using and managing the world's limited resources efficiently is in society’s best interest. As a leading chemical company and agricultural solutions provider, BASF is committed to the protection of water resources and its responsible and sustainable use.

BASF develops water-saving schemes and smart water management concepts for all its sites globally.


BASF encourages research into new technologies to help reduce water consumption in agriculture as well as increasing yields. For example:

  • Developing innovative crop protection products will increase the yield and the water-use efficiency of crops (i.e. reducing the amount of water needed per crop unit produced).
  • Developing stress-tolerant such as drought-tolerant crops improve yields in areas with limited or varying supply of water.

BASF helps to protect water quality by implementing and supporting programs such as water monitoring, farmer training, knowledge transfer, and active cooperation with other partners, involved in water protection and distribution. The major potential to reduce pollution lies in practical, site-specific measures, e.g. avoiding point pollution sources in farmyards, using drift reducing techniques during the application of crop protection products, and implementing vegetated buffer strips to reduce surface runoff to water courses.


BASF believes that efficient and sustainable agriculture plays a critical role in meeting the challenge of global water supply. By using innovative agricultural solutions and participating in stewardship programs, farmers can improve plant health, yields, and food quality while also becoming more successful in sustainable water management and protection.