Our Positions On Agriculture

The challenges of modern agriculture affect many people, from farmers to consumers. The following pages summarize our position on a broad range of topical issues.

As a leading crop protection company, BASF is committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. We care passionately about food, agriculture, the environment, our employees and our contribution to the world. We manage our products responsibly from discovery and development right through use, recycling and final disposal.


Sustainable Agriculture

For BASF, sustainable development means combining long-term business success with environmental protection and social responsibility.


Biodiversity and agriculture are closely linked. Given the world’s fast-growing population, BASF believes that a balance is needed between the conservation of natural resources and the production of agricultural goods.

Food Safety And Residues In Food

Crop protection products for plants are analogous to medicines for human health. Authorization of a crop protection product can only be granted if the potentially remaining residues are safe for all consumers.

Product Stewardship

BASF adheres to the responsible and ethical management of all its crop protection products throughout the entire life cycle, from discovery through use to disposal.

Impact On Honeybees

BASF is committed to protecting honeybees and supports further research into the causes of increased bee colony mortality.
Water stock


BASF contributes to the protection of water resources and sustainable water management by developing innovative crop protection products and stress-tolerant crops, as well as implementing and supporting stewardship programs.

Mixture Toxicity

The effects of combinations of chemicals are referred to as mixture toxicity. BASF is committed to identifying and implementing measures to manage potential risks effectively and maintain high standards of consumer and environmental protection.


The fight against product counterfeiting and illegal products