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Despite global efforts, world hunger is getting worse. It will therefore take an enormous effort to reach Sustainable Development Goal 2, achieving Zero Hunger by 2030.

The upcoming UN Food Systems Summit in September and its Pre-Summit in July are an essential opportunity to advance food security and improve nutrition by transforming our food systems. Stakeholders from all sectors and all over the world will get together to deliver science-based approaches to this transformation, launch new commitments and mobilize financing and partnerships.

Farmers are at the core of the agricultural food system transformation. To feed the world sustainably, they will have to increase yields and preserve natural resources alike, while becoming more resilient in the face of emerging uncertainties such as climate change. With our innovative solutions, such as nitrification inhibitors that reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fertilizers or digital solutions that make agronomic advice also available to smallholder farmers in remote regions of the world, we are helping farmers tackle these challenges.

The agricultural transformation requires collaboration across sectors and across the entire food value chain. We remain committed to play an active role in achieving “Zero Hunger” and look forward to creating maximum impact towards this goal at the UN Food Systems Summit and the Pre-Summit.

More information on the summit is provided here.