Unparalleled Standards In Innovation For Fungicides

BASF has traditionally led the way in the search for new active ingredients to combat fungal diseases in cultivated plants. Over the years, our products have consistently set new standards.

BASF was at the forefront of innovation when strobilurin fungicides were introduced, developing kresoxim-methyl as the first active ingredient in this class. This allowed BASF to launch the first strobilurin on the market – a milestone in the history of fungicides.

We continued to focus on developing new strobilurins. The result was F500® which controls even more fungal pathogens in a greater number of cultivated crops. Boscalid has also proved its effectiveness and works as fungicide especially on grains and specialty crops.

Initium® is the first active ingredient in a brand-new chemical class and has broadened our product portfolio to control downy mildew for specialty crop growers. Xemium® is an active ingredient from the class of carboxamides and helps farmers around the world to control key fungal diseases in various crops, including soybean rust and septoria in grains.

Our strong focus on research will continue. More active ingredients will be developed to control diseases and offers our customers a broad product portfolio of fungicide solutions.

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Reliable resistance management

Resistance development – associated with the use of fungicides – is a well-known risk. To maintain long-term efficacy, growers, advisory and manufacturers are required to use active ingredients as part of the resistance management responsibly.

Our product stewardship program includes clear strategies for minimizing the risk of resistance development. We continue to explore new options, as well as monitoring the ongoing efficacy of our products and providing recommended spray programs under commercial conditions. This allows us both to measure the efficacy of resistance management and to provide growers with updated recommendations and best practice guidelines.

Guidelines for effective resistance management

  • Use the range of agronomical measures to minimize infestation of agricultural crops.
  • Apply the active ingredient in combination with one or more active ingredients with a different mode of action or alternatively as one component in a program of successive fungicide treatments.
  • Restrict the number of treatments applied per season and apply only when necessary.
  • Maintain manufacturer's recommended dose.
  • Avoid eradicant use.

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