Biological Crop Protection: Winning Science - Winning Solutions

Biological crop protection agents such as biological fungicides and biological insecticides help reduce the damage caused by diseases and pests including fungi, insects and slugs.

Consumers are demanding food with fewer chemical residues and producers are consistently seeking ways to preserve the effectiveness of their pest control tools. BASF has developed a biological product lineup that provides growers with foliar and drench applied crop protection solutions to help with residue and resistance management. These tools help control a variety of pests and diseases, often in combination with crop protection products, for both greenhouse and open field growers when used as part of integrated management programs.

Several of our biological fungicides and insecticides are registered, or in the process of being registered, in multiple countries. A strong R&D pipeline will lead to many more exciting products in this portfolio.

Examples of crop care products:

  • Serifel® is a preventative fungicide, which is based on Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain MBI600 with multiple modes of action.
  • Broadband® is an oil dispersion of Beauveria bassiana, a fungal contact insecticide for the population reduction of target pests on various crops.
  • Nemasys® products are based on beneficial nematodes in formulations applied as foliar spray or soil drench for curative control of a diverse range
    of insect and slug pests.

The benefits of biological crop protection:

  • Assists in reducing damage caused by fungi and pests
  • Enhances nutrient availability and uptake
  • Improves overall productivity and health of the crop
  • Assists in residue and resistance management
  • Extends the window of application around harvest