Control of Malaria

At BASF, we take on the world’s most urgent public health challenges head-on. Our history is filled with groundbreaking innovations and valuable partnerships that have made a lasting impact. We understand the complexities involved and know that traditional solutions fall short. That's why we're dedicated to transforming disease prevention and eradication through the incredible power of life-saving science.

Answering the call for live-saving science

When it comes to tackling the world’s most pressing public health challenges, BASF stands at the forefront with a rich history of ground-breaking innovations. With a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding these issues, we believe that conventional solutions are not enough. We are committed to revolutionizing disease prevention and eradication by harnessing the power of life-saving science.

Global health and economies are profoundly affected by vector-borne diseases transmitted through various organisms, like mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. These diseases, including malaria, dengue fever and Zika virus, devastate communities, leading to increased mortality rates, reduced productivity and strains on healthcare systems. BASF recognizes that these diseases are preventable, and we are actively partnering with governments and humanitarian organizations to provide effective vector-control products and programs.

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Michael Heinz, Chairman and CEO of BASF Corporation and Member of the Board, BASF SE

Overcoming malaria outbreaks

Malaria remains a critical public health crisis, particularly for impoverished and vulnerable communities with limited access to healthcare and preventive measures. During times of crisis, such as conflicts or natural disasters, the risk of malaria resurges, further endangering these marginalized populations. Whether it’s due to disrupted healthcare services or the presence of insecticide-resistant mosquitoes, the conditions are ripe for a devastating rebound of malaria. It is essential to implement sustained innovation interventions to address immediate challenges and establish resilient solutions that can prevent and contain future outbreaks.


Our contribution: The control of malaria

Interceptor® G2 is a long-lasting, insecticide-treated mosquito net for preventing malaria. This second-generation bed net is the first malaria control product based on a new insecticide class in more than 30 years and has proven effective against mosquitoes resistant to current chemistries.

In 2019, MedAccess and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced the New Nets Project to help facilitate the supply of 35 million Interceptor® G2 mosquito nets to countries where insecticide resistance is hindering the fight against malaria. Despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we kept our promise to distribute 35 million nets by the end of 2022. Since then, we’ve reached a total of 61 million nets shipped to eight African countries, saving 61 thousand lives.

Saving the next generation with next-generation mosquito nets

BASF has distributed over 61 million Interceptor G2 mosquito nets across Africa to fight malaria — resulting in 61 thousand lives saved so far.*

*Based on 1 life saved per 1,000 IG2 nets distributed.



Public Health solutions on the horizon

With our extensive experience in creating and distributing the highly effective Interceptor® G2 mosquito nets, along with receiving valuable input from our partners and local communities, we are forging ahead to develop the next generation Interceptor G3 nets and our groundbreaking Sylando® 240SC indoor residual spray. To ensure the success of these innovations, we are eager to collaborate with partners and customers early on, tapping into our collective wisdom to enhance product design, distribution strategies and post-distribution activities.

Young Girls Pumping Water At A Public Borehole in West Africa

Harnessing the power of partnerships

Discover the incredible force behind our dynamic partnerships – the driving force behind innovation, the catalyst for lasting impact and the architect of a brighter future for communities worldwide. These powerful alliances are the foundation for groundbreaking ideas, blending diverse perspectives and expertise to unleash positive change that knows no bounds.

We want to extend our gratitude to all of our partners who made this tremendous milestone possible and a special thanks to the national malaria control programs and frontline community health workers who continued to heroically distribute mosquito nets while tackling a global pandemic.

Our Partnerships

Partner Testimonial

We are proud to help BASF and partners reach communities with innovative InterceptorG2 mosquito nets. Increasing mosquito resistance to older insecticides is a looming catastrophe in malaria-endemic countries, putting millions at risk. This partnership shows that innovative finance can combine with the best of science and business to accelerate access to life-saving technologies.”

Michael Anderson

CEO, MedAccess


Leading life-saving initiatives

Explore the impressive array of life-saving solutions that have been born from our rich history of innovation. As a leader in Agricultural Solutions, we are steadfast in our commitment to nurturing our key partnerships with industry experts, health and governmental agencies and non-profit organizations. Together, we are driving the most robust research and development efforts, resulting in the emergence of cutting-edge vector-control products and programs.

Our Commitments


Work with us

Our partnerships make a significant impact in distributing life-saving nets. Join our mission to eradicate malaria and learn how you can get involved by visiting our Partnerships page or by contacting Achim Reddig. Together, we can save lives.

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