Innovative Trait Technology enabling seed protection against weeds and pests

We know a powerful combination for grower’s success is seeds and traits, together. We start with best high-performing seed germplasms. We couple seed solutions with innovative trait technologies, through BASF seeds and licensed seed partners, and power it all with cutting-edge trait research and development to deliver tailored results to meet growers' needs worldwide.

Trait technologies that address farmers’ needs


Herbicide tolerance

BASF delivers innovative herbicide-tolerant trait technologies for all major crops, including canola, soybean, cotton, and rice

Cotton icon

Insect resistance for cotton

TwinLink® and TwinLink® Plus

BASF offers strong insect-resistance assets today with TwinLink and TwinLink Plus hybrids and varieties for cotton growers across North and South America, providing growers effective management of major lepidopteran pests.

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Harvest Flexibility

Pod Guard

BASF’s pod shatter reduction technology, offered in InVigor canola hybrids, is the premier trait innovation to significantly reduce seed loss from pod shatter. This technology reduces risk and provides increased harvest flexibility for canola growers.

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