High Performing Seeds by BASF

It all starts with the seed. It’s the genesis and the livelihood of every farmer’s operation. It’s the transformation of potential to profit. And it’s one of the smallest physical representations of the life-sustaining role farmers play in feeding our world.

Seed choice is the first and most important decision that a grower will make. Our flexible hybrids and varieties are rooted in strong genetics and enhanced by trait technologies that perform against local conditions and challenges.


Seed products:

Canola flowers in farmers hand in canola field

North America, EMEA, Australia

InVigor high-yield canola hybrid and oilseed rape varieties (spring & winter) provide farmers more options to overcome growing conditions and harvesting challenges and enables them to fight disease pressure and improve profitability more effectively.

The pod shatter reduction trait in InVigor allows farmers to harvest without the need for swathing. That means fewer passes on the field with tractors and therefore a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 

Two farmers standing in soybean field

North America and Latin America

Credenz high-yield soybean seed delivers growers consistent, competitive performance thanks to rigorous testing, strong genetics and relevant traits that promise precision and quality across the full lineup. 

Healthy soybean field

North America

Xitavo soybean seed goes through quality testing exceeding industry standards for strong emergence and early-season vigor. Xitavo soybean varieties also includes the Enlist E3® triple-stack herbicide tolerant trait which provides tolerance to Liberty® herbicide, new 2,4-D choline salt and glyphosate, allowing soybean farmers to employ multiple modes of action against their most difficult weeds.

Farmer’s hands inspecting cotton boll

USA, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Greece, Turkey, Spain

For 100 years, Fibermax cotton varieties have offered superior fiber quality and high yield with the added weed control through GlyTol® and LibertyLink® traits and insect control of lepidopteran pests

Cotton field ready for harvest

USA, Turkey

Stoneville high-yield cotton varieties provide effective insect- and herbicide tolerant-traits that promote more consistent and stable yields for growers, maximizing yield per acre with minimal inputs.

Farmer standing in flowering canola field

Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Spain and Greece

Our InSun branded portfolio includes conventional hybrid seeds as well as products that have Clearfield®, Clearfield® Plus technology and Sulfo herbicide tolerance.

Close up of rice seeds on rice plant


Lidero hybrid rice seeds provide Brazilian rice growers excellent yield and grain quality with added weed control flexibility through the Clearfield® Production System, giving growers more profitability and more confidence.


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