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Our pipeline of innovations focuses on improving outcomes in major crops, including wheat, canola, soybean, corn, cotton, and rice. We're committed to delivering high-yield germplasm and innovative trait products that address farmers' current and future needs.

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HT trait advancements

BASF is bringing a much-needed solution for over-the-top control of weeds in soybean, developing an additional PPO herbicide with a corresponding herbicide tolerance gene. That gene will be incorporated into a new herbicide tolerance trait stack developed by Corteva. It is a key element of a multi-generational soybean trait pipeline collaboration that is expected to be available in seed varieties in the early 2030s. Farmers will benefit from more flexibility to use PPO herbicides beyond pre-emergence to control weeds with over-the-top application.

To further support resistance management, an entirely new herbicide mode of action is currently in the late research phase at BASF. The corresponding herbicide tolerance trait for soybean is being developed by BASF as part of the collaboration with Corteva. Farmers will have the option to access this innovative trait technology through leading soybean seeds from BASF and Corteva. This longer-term approach from both companies will provide competitive alternatives for soybean farmers well into the 2040s.

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Nematode resistant soybean (NRS) trait technology

Our upcoming nematode resistant soybean (NRS) trait technology is set to revolutionize nematode management. Our biotech-based solution provides built-in, preemptive nematode protection, raising the level of protection above native tolerance and enabling soybean growers to realize more yield potential.

Close up of cotton bolls in a cotton field

HT trait advancements in cotton

With Axant Flex technology, BASF will continue to provide North American cotton growers with more weed control options including tolerance to glyphosate, glufosinate and dicamba, as well as HPPD – pending regulatory approval. In Brazil, BASF will offer a similar trait stack for cotton growers with tolerance to glyphosate, glufosinate, and HPPD. Anticipated timing of introduction for both innovations will be mid-decade.

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Yellow-seeded canola hybrid

Later this decade, BASF plans to introduce yellow-seeded canola which can be grown under more challenging conditions and will provide new rotation options for growers in hotter, drier areas of North America, where traditional canola does not perform well.

Close up of canola flowers in canola field

Pod shatter and clubroot resistant canola

BASF is advancing our pod shatter resistance offerings, expanding our clubroot protection technology across the entire InVigor portfolio, and providing additional disease resistance traits in global markets.

Close up of wheat ear in wheat field

Unlocking the full potential of wheat through Ideltis® hybrid wheat

To bring this much needed innovation to market, BASF utilizes diverse germplasm and genetics from key European wheat-growing regions to develop leading hybrids with value-added traits, such as increased yield, quality, and disease and insect resistance, that address specific local needs and conditions. Anticipated timing of introduction will be at the end of the decade.

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