Regulatory Information And Studies

Crop protection products have to fulfill about 800 different requirements which involve submitting over 200 scientific studies before being approved for use. In the EU the summaries of such studies filed in the regulatory process for active substances are searchable in the Register of Questions of the European Food Safety Authority.

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In the list below, you can directly access those study summaries submitted for our active substances currently approved for use in crop protection products which BASF sells in the EU (except if subject to third party rights). If you are interested in an access for non-commercial purposes to the full study reports behind these summaries that contain safety data and no EU review process is currently pending, you can use this request form to order these documents. If you have a general question, about the regulatory process, please contact us here.




1*) Full study report is not yet available because we only grant such access for active substances where no EU regulatory review process is pending. For further questions, please see our FAQ section.


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