Seed Coatings by BASF — Tailored Seed Coating Solutions To Help Maximize Yield Potential

Our innovative portfolio of high-quality seed coatings helps farmers achieve better yields. Designed to enhance flowability and plantability across a broad range of crops, our seed coatings also optimize appearance and help minimize dust generation during treating and planting. This helps maximize the effectiveness of key seed treatments and plays an important role in protecting workers, farmers and pollinators. 


Our comprehensive portfolio:


The Sepiret by BASF portfolio is evolving to include a new generation of microplastic-free seed coating solutions, aligned with industry-leading sustainability standards. Combining stewardship best practices with trusted performance, Sepiret provides a range of benefits from seed treatment to sowing.

Our newest innovation, Sepiret Red 01, is a flexible, microplastic-free solution tailored for all major corn seed treatments across Europe. The introduction of Sepiret Red 01 is one of the many ways BASF helps growers adapt to a shifting landscape while maintaining our legacy of trust and industry-leading performance.

Current microplastic-free offerings within the Sepiret portfolio include:

•  Sepiret Red 01: All-in-one red corn coating
•  Sepiret Flo: Fluency powder for corn and sunflower
•  Sepiret PF16: Powder for flow aid and visual/shine effect on oilseed rape and soybeans
•  Sepiret P02: Dry gloss powder for seed appearance enhancement
•  Sepiret F290 Colorless: Seed coating for dust and odor management
•  Sepiret 375 White: Liquid additive for sunflower plantability


Flo Rite offers optimized flowability and precision. In addition, our focus on product stewardship for seed-applied AIs means your investment is protected with technology that improves the adhesion of actives on the seed.

Highlights from our Flo Rite Pro Portfolio:

  • Flo Rite Pro 01: Colorless soybean coating for product stewardship of seed-applied insecticides providing high flowability and plantability, compatible with rhizobia inoculants.
    (Called Flo Rite Pro 2805 in US and Canada)
  • Flo Rite Pro 02 Colorless corn coating for product stewardship of seed-applied insecticides providing more optimal flowability and plantability.
    (Called Flo Rite Pro 9805 in Canada)
  • Flo Rite Pro Green 01: Green soybean coating for product stewardship of seed-applied insecticides with excellent coverage. Designed for use with and without drying powders, compatible with rhizobia inoculants.
  • Flo Rite Pro Red 01: Red corn coating for product stewardship of seed-applied insecticides with excellent coverage.


Secompla helps ensure uniform treatment coverage, while controlling dust-off during treatment, processing, planting and re-bagging. By binding the color and seed treatment onto the seed, Secompla provides product stewardship of seed-applied AIs and helps ensure a professional appearance.

 Highlights from our Secompla portfolio:

  • Secompla 01: Binder additive for high insecticide use rates on corn, to be used in conjunction with Flo Rite Pro 02
  • Secompla 02: Versatile binder for use on canola, cereals and various other crops
     (Called Secompla 705 in US and Canada)
  • Secompla 505: Binder with additional shine for use on cotton and other crops


Color Coat provides excellent coverage and enhanced visual appearance for a wide range of crops at low use rates. It is a water-based, low-viscosity solution with a neutral pH for easy application and clean up. By using Color Coat, you can also easily identify treated and traited seeds.

Our Color Coat portfolio:

  • Color Coat Red
  • Color Coat Green 01
  • Color Coat Blue
  • Color Coat Purple 1
  • Color Coat White

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