Why We Are Here

We want to create a positive impact on the agricultural-food system that is so important for our society and help shape a sustainable future for farming. This is true for today, tomorrow and has been for more than a century. 

The right balance for better yield

With passion, agricultural knowledge and collaboration with partners, we help farmers manage complexity, adopting new science and technology to achieve better yield. Yield produced in ways that are recognized as valuable by society, are kind to our planet and enable farmers to earn a living.

Our commitment to finding the right balance for better yield.


How We Make A Difference

Our journey starts and ends with the customer. We are helping farmers to find the right balance for better yield and to secure the future of agriculture by focusing more than ever on understanding how they farm.

We know that we can only build success for ourselves by building success for our customers. Not by imposing answers, but by aligning our solutions with the way they manage their crops. By listening to their views, working collaboratively, and understanding how best to support them. So that every experience with us is a positive experience. 


We know that innovation alone is not enough. It has to work in the field and address society’s concerns. That’s why we want to listen, learn, share knowledge and expertise. 

Balancing innovative thinking, science and technology with practical, hands-on action that makes a real difference in the field. Working together across the agricultural food chain to add value from field to plate. Building sustainability into everything we do.

Our strategy

Our strategy is focused on a crop systems approach, with four selected farmer segments by region: wheat, canola and sunflowers in Europe and North America; soybean, corn and cotton in the Americas; rice in Asia as well as fruit and vegetables in all regions.


We are developing connected offers across technologies, including seeds, traits, crop protection, and digital products and services.


We combine continuous innovation; sustainability from lab to field and beyond, digital technologies to aid farm management, and customer relationships built on trust.


All enabled by the expertise and experience of a strong team, a wide ranging portfolio, and all round operational excellence.

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Our Aspiration

We firmly believe that the way forward for agriculture is to find the right balance for success.

The Challenge

Farming is the biggest job on earth – and it’s getting bigger and more complex.
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Our Team

We are a team of dedicated people who care about the future of farming.

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BASF has a very strong commitment to sustainable agriculture and supporting farmers around the globe.


At BASF, we are committed to innovations that strike the right balance between productivity and sustainability in agriculture. Read more about how our innovation pipeline complements our connected offer and how this supports farmers around the world and their unique crop systems for all seasons.
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Seeds & Traits And Crop Protection

Farming today is more complex than ever before. The unpredictability of the weather, control of pest and weeds, market price development, scarcity of natural resources. To rise to this challenge, farmers need new technologies and solutions.