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The Challenge

Farming is fundamental to the world’s wellbeing. It gives us food, feed, fuel and fiber, provides jobs, income and economic growth, and is a cornerstone of everyone’s heritage and culture. That’s why farming is the biggest job on Earth.

Hand over wheat field

Over the coming decades, our agricultural-food system will undergo an accelerated transformation in order to provide access to enough healthy and affordable food for the growing population, and, at the same time, to mitigate its impact on our planet so that future generations can flourish.

Our innovation-driven strategy for agriculture focuses on selected crops and their appropriate cultivation systems: soy, corn (maize) and cotton in the Americas; wheat, canola (oilseed rape) and sunflower in North America and Europe; rice in Asia; and fruit and vegetables globally. We integrate sustainability criteria into all business and portfolio decisions. In doing so, we help farmers achieve better yields, protect the planet and produce economically.

Female Farmer is Holding a Digital Tablet in a Farm Field. Smart Farming

A time of opportunity

Farmers are at the core of this transformation and, now more than ever. Managing resources, people, technology, climate and uncertainty in order to produce in an economically sound way. While striving to balance productivity with optimal nutritional benefits and working with nature, farmers continue to embrace digital and other new technologies in day-to-day farm operations. And partnerships across the food system and the wider industry will be key.

We understand that this is an enormous responsibility and step up to support farmers around the globe. Farming, the biggest job on Earth is getting bigger.

Man holding a bunch of bananas
Joven agricultor en una plantación

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