The Challenge

Farming is fundamental to the world’s wellbeing. It gives us food, feed, fuel and fiber, provides jobs, income and economic growth, and is a cornerstone of everyone’s heritage and culture. That’s why farming is the biggest job on earth.


Over the coming decades, our agricultural-food system will undergo an accelerated transformation in order to provide access to enough healthy and affordable food for the growing population, and, at the same time, to mitigate its impact on our planet so that future generations can flourish.

This transformation will be driven by the call to find the right balance to achieve not just higher yield, but better yield. Yield produced in ways that are recognized as valuable by society, are kind to our planet and help farmers earn a living. This will require the co-existence of various cultivation systems and farming practices, respecting regional differences as well as dietary needs.


A time of opportunity

Farmers are at the core of this transformation and, now more than ever, they need to balance ever increasing complexity. Managing resources, people, technology, climate and uncertainty in order to produce in an economically sound way. While striving to balance productivity with optimal nutritional benefits and working with nature, farmers continue to embrace digital and other new technologies in day-to-day farm operations. And partnerships across the food system and the wider industry will be key.

We understand that this is an enormous responsibility and step up to support farmers around the globe. As farming complexity increases, finding the right balance for success becomes even more important.


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Our Aspiration

We firmly believe that the way forward for agriculture is to find the right balance for success.

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Why We Are Here

We want to create a positive impact on the agricultural food system and help shape a sustainable future for farming.

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BASF ist mit dabei – Beim 14. Internationalen Kongress der IUPAC in Gent präsentieren BASF-Forscher ihre neuesten Innovationen für eine nachhaltige Landwirtschaft. Neben dem Austausch mit Wissenschaftlern aus aller Welt steht dieses Jahr die Förderung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses im Fokus.

Our Team

We are a team of dedicated people who care about the future of farming.

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BASF has a very strong commitment to sustainable agriculture and supporting farmers around the globe.
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