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The biggest job on earth is getting bigger

There has never been a more challenging time in agriculture. But there has also never been a time of greater opportunity. We believe farming is the biggest job on earth. As it gets more complex and more important, we are committed to finding the right balance, so that farmers, our industry and future generations can all flourish.

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When you think about what farmers have to face every day, even in difficult times. Always on call, whatever the time, whatever the weather. The pests, the weeds, the diseases. The demands of the crops, the shops. People’s rising expectations, tightening regulations. Feeding an ever-growing population. Looking after nature and the land. Thinking about what they’ll leave to their children and everyone else’s children. It’s no wonder we think that farming is the biggest job on earth.

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By the year


Farmers will have to produce more food than has been grown in the whole of human history.

Global warming could cause a


reduction in food production in many regions.

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These days, farmers are more than just farmers. They’re agronomists. Planners. Meteorologists. Accountants. Engineers. IT specialists. Scientists. Soil experts. Ecologists. And more. Transforming their industry to put food on everyone’s table. Balancing the effects of a changing climate and the demands of a changing world.

Right balance for success

Agriculture is so central to our lives that it has a powerful impact on us all. It’s also an industry undergoing a time of unprecedented change. Farmers have an increasingly difficult, but also increasingly important role to balance the need for increased productivity, environmental protection and value to society. As farming challenges get bigger and more complex, it’s even more important to work together find the right balance for success – for farmers, for agriculture and for future generations. 


BigJOE – At the heart of BASF in ag since 2013

Inspired by our Farm Perspectives study which told us there was a big job to do on awareness and attitudes towards farmers and farming, the Biggest Job On Earth campaign was launched in 2013. Conceived primarily as an advocacy campaign to speak out for farmers, it was soon obvious that the campaign, known in inner BASF circles as BigJOE, also connected with farmers and the agricultural community, recognizing their achievements and contribution to society and expressing our support. Since then, the campaign has been running on all continents speaking up for the heroes who are involved in feeding our world. Here are just a few of the many highlights over the years. 


We can all help to find the right balance

As a society, we can take time to consider where our food comes from, to respect and value the work of farmers around the world. As a business, BASF is helping farmers to manage the many different demands they face with innovative science and technology and sustainable, practical action. Working together to help find the right balance for success for farming, for agriculture and for future generations.

Why you shouldn’t take your food flat rate for granted

Living in South Africa as a kid certainly shaped me to become the person I am today. A person that is grateful for this precious life on our planet Earth. Imagine a fridge filled with fresh groceries such as vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, meat. Imagine the same groceries thrown into the trash. One by one. Hard to accept such imagination, isn’t it?

Simone Barg

Vice President Global Communications Agricultural Solutions

Simone Barg, Vice President Communications Agricultural Solutions

How to turn increasing complexity into more opportunities

Dirk Voeste holding the strategy ball
A lot needs to be done at the same time. We need a global alliance to streamline efforts, to create think tanks, to boost ideas, derive measures, implement actions, and make progress. We need to focus on our joint goal. At the heart of this, one thing is crucial: We need a farmer- and consumer-centric approach that makes the “biggest job on earth” the focus of our efforts.

Dr. Dirk Voeste

Senior Vice President Regulatory, Sustainability & Public Affairs Agricultural Solutions

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