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Using technology for precise agriculture

Farming today is more complex than ever before. The unpredictability of the weather, control of pest and weeds, market price development, scarcity of natural resources, all this in a world heading toward 9 billion people. These challenges demand BASF to continue its commitment to creating innovative solutions for growers, supporting them with the task of nurturing a hungry planet.

As an industry leader with a broad portfolio of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and seed treatments, BASF helps farmers to sustainably increase the yields and the quality of their crops. By nurturing a culture of innovation in alignment with customers’ needs, our technologies aim to ensure that crops grow healthier, stronger and more resistant to stress factors, such as heat or drought.

BASF also offers a range of smart solutions for pest problems in urban and rural areas. From products to protect buildings from termites to mosquito nets which effectively combat the spread of vector-borne diseases, we help our customers to keep their homes, food establishments, and businesses clean and pest-free.

Daniela Loaiza, Assistant Scientist, examines transgenic soybean plants in the greenhouse for health and quality. The locations of the plants are tracked in the inventory system by scanning the barcode.  Print free of charge. Copyright by BASF.Die wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Daniela Loaiza untersucht transgene Sojabohnenpflanzen im Gewächshaus auf deren Gesundheit und Qualität. Durch Scannen des Barcodes wird der Standort der Pflanzen im Bestandsführungssystem erfasst.  Abdruck honorarfrei. Copyright by BASF.

Biotechnology for a sustainable growth of Agriculture

Plant biotechnology is a modern seed-breeding technique. BASF's activities in this area are concentrated in BASF Plant Science, whose mission is to help farmers keep pace with the growing demand for improved agricultural productivity and healthier nutrition. BASF Plant Science is focusing on yield and quality traits, fungal resistant soybeans and herbicide tolerance in crops such as corn and soybeans. Our products are marketed in cooperation with leading partners in the seed or food industry.

Functional Crop Care

Through its new Functional Crop Care business, BASF is broadening what it means to protect crops. We are harnessing innovations in chemistry and biology in three focus areas in order to help growers be successful into the future:
Soil Management, Seed Solutions and Crop Care.

We focus on solutions to efficiently manage scarce resources such as water, nutrients and arable land to support farmers in creating sustainable yield increases. With Seed Solutions we bring together advanced chemical and biological seed treatments, inoculants, polymers, and colorants for better seed health and yield potential right from the start. Furthermore, we offer biological control and foliar products that go beyond traditional pest control.


Turf, Ornamentals and Landscape

BASF’s expertise in plant health and plant protection extends much further than agriculture. We cater for the needs of golf superintendents and greenkeepers, as well as professional sports and amenity turf managers in keeping hard-working turf robust and healthy. We support commercial nurseries and greenhouse growers to combat pests and diseases and to ensure healthy plants. And we work with forestry and landscape professionals to care for forests and woodlands and other growing environments. For home gardeners, we sell a range of beneficial nematodes to combat garden pests.

Pest Control

An increasing world population, growing urbanization, higher household incomes and intensified food production – these global challenges create attractive environments for pests worldwide, leading to increasing hygiene problems, pre- and post-harvest losses, damage to buildings and the transmission of disease.

BASF delivers solutions to address these challenges from combating rodent damage in field crops, to keeping homes, food establishments, and businesses clean and pest-free. Our Urban and Rural Pest Control business is meeting today’s pest challenges with innovative, high performing and sustainable solutions for pest management professionals, farmers, and warehouse managers.


Public Health

Every day, vector-borne diseases adversely affect the lives of millions. Beyond the individual tragedies, these diseases impose staggering social and economic costs on afflicted areas and limit growth and development. The World Health Organization states that vector control remains the most generally effective measure to prevent the transmission of insect-borne diseases. BASF’s Public Health business is part of the Agricultural Solutions division and benefits from the innovative strength of an extensive research and development pipeline and global expertise in insecticides. We work with local and global partners to help mitigate these devastating illnesses and ensure communities are not alone in their efforts to improve their quality of life.
Man in a blue shirt holding a baby pig

Animal Nutrition

BASF is a leading, innovative supplier of feed additives for livestock and pet nutrition. Our products help farmers to raise vital animals, to utilize feeds more efficiently and to achieve top performance.