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    Vivando® fungicide
    Farming & Crop Protection Vivando® Fungicide

    Vivando® Fungicide

    Vivando fungicide features a unique mode of action that provides maximum powdery mildew control and yield protection for wine, table and raisin grapes. Its active ingredient and multilevel coverage improves cluster penetration. Plus, it offers flexible use rates and application timing, for resistance management.

    Benefits of Vivando Fungicide
    Disease protection that maximizes yield and quality
    Product inclusion improves spray program performance
    Fewer sprays, leading to decreased crop protection cost

    How Vivando® Fungicide Works
    The active ingredient in Vivando, metrafenone, specifically disrupts the proper functioning of the powdery mildew cells. Vivando's unique mode of action works to prevent infections by stopping successful powdery mildew penetration. Although Vivando works best when applied preventively before powdery mildew infections occur, it also provides targeted protection by interfering with lesion growth and sporulation.

    Vivando works via surface migration redistribution — that is, it spreads via vapor and then redeposites onto the plant to improve coverage and protection inside the grape clusters. It delivers fast cuticle uptake and binding for exceptional rainfastness.

    Vivando offers flexible use rates and application timing intervals and is compatible as a tank-mix or with adjuvants. In fact, the addition of nonphytotoxic adjuvants has been shown to improve the performance of Vivando.

    When applied preventively and in spray programs with other modes of action such as Pristine® fungicide, Vivando safeguards the yield and quality potential for your grape crops. So say hello to Vivando — and "adios" to powdery mildew.

    Always read and follow label directions.

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