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    Status® herbicide
    Farming & Crop Protection Status® Herbicide

    Status® Herbicide

      Put the fastest working herbicide to work for you. Status herbicide starts working within hours. In fact, no one controls tough broadleaf weeds faster. But Status doesn't just give you faster burn down, it also provides you with solid residual control. For total control, just tank-mix it with glyphosate.

    Benefits of Status Herbicide
    Superior broadleaf weed control
    Wide application window

      How Status® Herbicide Works
      Status herbicide offers superior broadleaf weed control in corn while helping to manage the spread of glyphosate resistance. With a wide application window, Status controls tough weeds including lambsquarters, buckwheat, kochia, giant and common ragweed, cocklebur, pigweed species, velvetleaf, ladysthumb, nightshade and more. It works with a wide variety of adjuvants and offers crop rotation flexibility year after year.

      Always read and follow label directions.

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