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    ST 4949GLT Variety Banner Image
    Farming & Crop Protection ST 4949GLT Variety

    ST 4949GLT Variety

      ST 4949GLT is the answer for growers looking for strong disease management characteristics in a variety with exceptional yield potential. A strong performer in dryland or under irrigation, this variety offers exceptional yield potential, good fiber quality and very high lint turnout. Growers familiar with ST 4946GLB2 can step into ST 4949GLT, which thrives under similar management.

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      Variety Advantages

      • Exceptional yield potential
      • Good fiber quality
      • Very high lint percent
      • Intermediate Verticillium wilt tolerance
      • Liberty® and glyphosate herbicide tolerant
      • Lepidopteran resistant
    Stoneville ST 4949GLT Variety Geographic Region: Eastern Cotton Belt and East Texas

      Always read and follow label directions.

      *Storm Tolerance Rating Scale: 9 very storm-tolerant; 0 very loose.
      †† Initial testing based on limited results.