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    FM 1944GLB2 Banner Image
    Farming & Crop Protection FM 1944GLB2 Variety

    FM 1944GLB2 Variety

    FM 1944GLB2 likes heavier soil and is well adapted to all cotton-growing regions in the United States. A fairly growthy variety with medium maturity regularly delivers on its yield and quality potential.

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    Variety Advantages

    • Broadly adapted to all cotton-growing regions
    • Excellent fiber package
    • Excellent yield potential
    • Liberty® and glyphosate herbicide tolerant
    • Lepidopteran resistant
    FiberMax FM 1944GLB2 Variety Geographic Region: Widely adapted across the Cotton Belt

    Yield Higher

    Growers who plant FiberMax® varieties have one-ton yield potential. More than 800 growers already belong to the FiberMax One Ton Club™.

    Always read and follow label directions.

    *Storm Tolerance Rating Scale: 9 Very Storm-Tolerant, 0 Very Loose.
    Descriptions and values reported are to give a relative comparison among varieties.
    Actual values will be influenced by growing conditions.