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    Sugar beet field
    Farming & Crop Protection Provysol™ Fungicide

    Provysol™ Fungicide

      Provysol fungicide, powered by the new Revysol® fungicide active ingredient, is the first and only isopropanol azole chemistry that is a truly unique solution for disease control. With an innovative molecular structure, Provysol fungicide is a revolutionary new disease management tool for growers who farm potatoes, sugar beets or peanuts.

    Benefits of Provysol Fungicide
    Fast-acting control and long-lasting residual gives growers flexibility
    Outstanding leaf penetration in all types of field conditions
    Works across multiple crops, including potatoes, sugar beets, peanuts, dry beans and peas

      How Provysol Fungicide Works
      Engineered with a flexible molecule, Provysol fungicide quickly penetrates plants for fast, long-lasting control. Designed specifically for low-growing plants that can be excellent hosts for diseases, Provysol fungicide can be a foundational application in a fungicide spray program, delivering early protection that sets up the rest of the program for long-lasting control and long-lasting success.

      The unique isopropanol azole bridge allows the Revysol molecule to customize its shape, allowing for tighter binding at the enzyme site of action for excellent efficacy of even the toughest diseases like Cercospora leaf spot in sugar beets, early blight in potatoes or early and late leaf spot in peanuts.

      Always read and follow label directions.