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      Easy-to-use, effective and economical, the Poncho® family offers a broad spectrum of early season seed and seedling pest protection. And now, new innovations allow you to hit early season pests harder, protecting your corn and sorghum and helping increase vigor, stands and yield.

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    Benefits of Poncho
    Highly effective, broad-spectrum insect control and can be combined with rootworm-resistant hybrids.
    Seed protected with Poncho 250 yielded an average of 9.74 bu/A more than non-treated seed across 526 reps in testing conducted by universities, seed companies and consultants.
    Current data shows that Poncho 500 on CRW-trait corn delivers 10 bu/A more yield on average than a seed-applied fungicide base.
    Seed protected with Poncho 1250 produced an average 3.7 bu/A more yield than corn protected with leading soil-applied insecticides in more than 936 head-to-head comparisons; and an average of 13.5 bu/A more in field trials than non-treated seed across 2,2.
    More effective control from contact and systemic activity.
    Can be combined with seed-applied fungicides - no known adverse interactions with herbicides.

      For corn, choose from the broadest protection of Poncho 1250, the reliable protection of Poncho 250 or Poncho 500 with even better performance. Current data shows that Poncho 500 delivers on average 10 bu/A more yield than fungicide controls.

      Poncho 250, Poncho 500 and Poncho 1250 are the 0.25 mg AI/kernel, 0.50 mg AI/kernel and 1.25 mg AI/kernel application rates (respectively) of Poncho 600 seed-applied insecticide.

    Key Pests

      Aphid, Aphid (Bird Cherry-Oat), Aphid (Corn Leaf), Aphid (English Grain), Aphid (Russian Wheat), Aphid (Sugarcane), Aphid (Yellow Sugarcane)

      Beetle Larva (Japanese), Beetle (Larva June), Beetle Larva (May), Beetle (Corn Flea), Beetle (Flea), Beetle (Red Flour), Beetle (Rusty Grain), Beetle (Southern Corn Leaf), Beetle (Sugarcane), Billbug (Southern Corn), Borer (Lesser Grain), Bug (Black Grass)

      Chafer Larva (European), Chinch Bug, Cutworm (Black), Cutworm (Black Granulate)

      Fly (Hessian)

      Grape Colaspis, Grasshopper, Greenbug, Grub (White)

      Insect (Grain Storage)

      Maggot (Seedcorn), Moth (Indian Meal)

      Rootworm (Corn), Rootworm (Mexican Corn), Rootworm (Northern Corn), Rootworm (Southern Corn), Rootworm (Western Corn)

      Stinkbug, Southern Green


      Weevil (Rice), Weevil (Rice Water), Wireworm

      Always read and follow label directions.