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    Farming & Crop Protection Poncho®/VOTiVO® 2.0

    Poncho®/VOTiVO® 2.0

    Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 provides the same trusted protection against insects and nematodes, with the addition of a new, revolutionary biological that enhances the microbial activity around the plant root. The result is more food for native soil microbes, which leads to greater nutrient availability and uptake by the growing plant.

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    Benefits of Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0
    Soil Health – New biologic bacterium enhances the microbial activity in the soil increasing the availability of nutrients for the plant
    Immediate Protection – Systemic agent protects valuable seed from the moment it’s planted against a wide range of insects
    Prevents Damage – Biological agent creates a living barrier against a broad spectrum of plant pathogenic nematodes
    Yield Potential – Healthier soil environment and increased nutrient availability leads to a healthier plant with higher yield potential

    This revolutionary biological was developed from the proprietary FLEXIBOOST® technology platform. It allows for the production and delivery of stabilized compounds into environments that have otherwise unfavorable conditions for survival.

    The result is healthier soil, healthier plants and higher yield potential.

    Early-season Protection for Higher Yield Potential
    Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 helps plants get off to a great start in that critical, early-season growing period when plants are most vulnerable.

    A series of broadacre trials across the U.S. corn-growing area has shown an average yield advantage of 14 bu./A with Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 over a commercial fungicide seed treatment package.

    Seed and Soil Potential – Unlocked
    Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 provides a lineup of technologies for your corn plants. It protects young seedlings when they are most vulnerable to pests and helps corn plants thrive to their full genetic potential.

    For enhanced insect protection, including protection from corn rootworms and southern corn billbugs, high-rate Poncho 1250 is available.

    Key Pests

    • Black cutworms
    • Chinch bugs
    • Corn flea beetles
    • Corn leaf aphids
    • Corn rootworms
    • Grape colaspis
    • Nematodes
    • Seedcorn maggots
    • Southern corn billbugs
    • Southern green stinkbugs
    • Storage pests
    • Sugarcane beetles
    • Thrips
    • White grubs
    • Wireworms

    Labels and MSDS

    The attached label(s) remain valid while BASF works on submitting/receiving state registrations.

    Always read and follow label directions.