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    Nexicor Xemium Brand Fungicide Image
    Farming & Crop Protection Nexicor™ Xemium® Brand Fungicide

    Nexicor™ Xemium® Brand Fungicide

      With Nexicor fungicide, growers benefit from three trusted and proven active ingredients in a convenient premix formulation that delivers plant health benefits and long-lasting preventative and post-infection disease control.

    Benefits of Nexicor Fungicide
    Three trusted and proven active ingredients
    Healthier and greener fields
    Versatility and convenience

      How Nexicor Fungicide Works
      Nexicor fungicide is a convenient and flexible solution for healthier cereal crops and stronger yield potential.

      When it comes to producing wheat and other cereals that stand above the rest in quality and yield, Nexicor fungicide from BASF is the smart choice. Nexicor fungicide is engineered with the cereal grower in mind and is powered by three trusted active ingredients for cereals that provide proven residual control, consistent results and strong resistance management.

      Even in times of low disease pressure, the plant health qualities of Nexicor can help promote nitrogen assimilation, increased photosynthesis and stress tolerance. These attributes can result in healthier leaves and stems, plus a cleaner flagleaf may help boost yields and grain quality.

      Nexicor fungicide offers a wide application window from tillering to flag leaf. The rate flexibility allows cereal growers to tailor the rate based on their operation’s specific needs, whether it’s a dryland or irrigated acre, or their unique cereal-growing conditions. Moreover, the EC formulation provides maximum compatibility with other tank mix partners such as herbicides, insecticides and nutritionals.

      Powered by the same trusted active ingredients as Headline® fungicide and Xemium® fungicide, combined with Propiconazole in a convenient premix formulation, Nexicor fungicide controls:

      • Powdery mildew
      • Tan spot
      • Rusts
      • Plus other diseases found in cereal fields

      Nexicor fungicide provides a variety of convenient and flexible solutions:

      • It has a wide application window from tillering to flag for the grower’s convenience.
      • Rate flexibility allows cereal growers to utilize the rate based on the needs of their operation and cereal-growing conditions.
      • Multiple tank mix options result in fewer passes and saved time.
      • EC formulation delivers maximum compatibility as an effective cross-spectrum tank-mix partner.

      Always read and follow label directions.

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