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    Farming & Crop Protection Stories From The Field

    Stories From The Field

    BASF representatives work with growers and retailers to challenge the potential of his or her business. Stories from the Field highlights the voices of our customers and the agriculture community.

    Field of rice at sunrise.

    Virtual food drive benefits Feeding America

    In recognition of Hunger Action Month, BASF teamed up with Feeding America to help fight hunger across the U.S. All funds went directly to 200 Feeding America food banks.

    The fight continues against top soybean yield robbers

    Sudden Death Syndrome and Soybean Cyst Nematodes consistently rob soybeans yeilds every year. Traditional means of combatting them doesn't always work.

    Corn field.

    Giving growers choice in soybean seed

    BASF recently introduced Credenz LiberytLink® GT27™ for soybean growers. This is the first soybean seed technology with herbicide-tolerant stacked traits. Providing farmers with new technology is critical for their success.

    A woman and man examine a field for wireworms.

    Healthy soybeans from the bottom up

    A green plant tells growers their crop is growing efficiently from the time it emerges until it reaches the end of its reproductive stages. When soybeans stay greener longer, the grain bins can be fuller come harvest.

    Diseased leaves.

    Crop desiccation at its finest

    As harvest season approaches, farmer's work is far from over. There’s plenty to do before they can breathe a brief sigh of relief and begin their planning for next year’s growing season. Crop desiccation is just one of the many tasks on a grower’s list. 

    Image of potato

    Students Help Uncover Sensor Technology

    To generate innovative technology that could benefit growers’ crops, BASF recently invited research students from North American universities to the 2018 BASF Science Competition.

    Grills family talks with Scott Kay.

    BASF just got bigger

    As of August 1, BASF has officially acquired a selection of Bayer assets, expanding the company’s portfolio of agricultural solutions. BASF has acquired a number of Bayer products all of which are highly complementary to BASF’s existing portfolio.

    A woman and man examining a corn field.

    Missouri growers find success with dicamba technology

    Scott Kay, BASF Vice President for Agricultural Solutions, U.S., recently had the opportunity to meet two growers from Western Missouri who joined the farming community in different ways.

    Reduce stress and forget the rest

    From planting to harvest, growing acres of corn can be taxing when considering all the unpredictable factors. Heading into the growing season, one unknown factor is weather.

    Five tips for dicamba applications

    With planting complete, dicamba applications are winding down. However, applicators making their last sprays should keep in mind proper stewardship and following the application checklist.