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    Farming & Crop Protection Stories From The Field

    Stories From The Field

      BASF representatives work with growers and retailers to challenge the potential of his or her business. Stories from the Field highlights the voices of our customers and the agriculture community.

    Grills family talks with Scott Kay.

    Understanding temperature inversions

    When planning your Engenia® herbicide application this spring, it’s important to be able to identify if a temperature inversion exists and understand why they must be avoided.

    Make spider mites bite the dust

    Because the season’s weather patterns are often hard to predict, it is important to implement a pest management plan to handle any weather complications that might occur.

    Become a student of your crop

    Cool, wet weather has the potential to bring about fungal pathogens as well as insect issues. Here are practices that can help better you understand your crop this season.

    Field of rice at sunrise.

    The wheat disease control myth

    As you anticipate the challenges that your crops might face this year, none of those challenges are as top of mind as preventative vs. post-infection disease control. 

    A woman and man examining a corn field.

    Seed quality put to the test

    Seed quality is an issue all soybean growers and seed companies will face this year. Growers should double-check germination rates on their seed and consult their seed advisors.

    Engenia® label updates for 2019

    To ensure a reliable and on-target application, it's important for growers to take a moment to review the Engenia herbicide label updates for 2019 before their sprayers hit the fields.

    A woman and man examine a field for wireworms.

    Creating a pollinator habitat

    Planting flowers is only one component of creating a pollinator-friendly habitat. Pollinators like birds, bats, bees, butterflies, and beetles also need habitats with food, shelter and water resources.

    Corn field.

    Strong program for powdery mildew

    As soon as there is a shoot growth and a decent amount of leaf tissue, growers should start their powdery mildew disease management prorams and spray until veraison.

    Image of potato

    The tools you need to beat early blight

    When such a high risk is associated with uncontrolled early blight, growers should take a proactive approach by planning early and considering fungicides as a part of their disease management plan.

    Diseased leaves.

    Hurdles at every stage of wheat growth

    Growers are taking a critical eye to their plant's development at every stage of growth and looking for useful tips, inputs and management practices that can make all the difference.