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    Newpath® Herbicide for Clearfield® Rice Banner Image
    Farming & Crop Protection Newpath® Herbicide

    Newpath® Herbicide

      Newpath herbicide is the industry standard providing residual and broad-spectrum weed control in the fight against red rice, barnyardgrass and other tough weeds in fields where Clearfield herbicide rice is grown.

    Benefits of Newpath Herbicide for Clearfield Rice
    Broad spectrum control of the toughest broadleaves and grasses including red rice and barnyardgrass
    Simple and convenient weed control with a wide application window

      How Newpath® Herbicide Works
      Newpath herbicide is a broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf residual herbicide. When used in a planned sequential program, they control some of the toughest rice weeds: red rice, barnyardgrass, broadleaf signalgrass, smartweed and yellow nutsedge.

      Always read and follow label directions.

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