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    Successful farmers work hard to maximize their yields. So do we.

      To ensure crops can grow to their full potential, farmers count on products and services to help them produce crops in higher quantities but also make them tastier and more nutritious. At BASF, we are committed to providing tailor-made solutions to farmers that help them grow their crops in the best possible way - all around the world.



    The fact that grapes are the highest-value fruit crop in the U.S. means growers have to protect their investments and maximize every opportunity. BASF plays an important role in both those efforts.


    As a $25-billion-per-year industry in the U.S, cotton is a vitally important crop, and as a cotton grower, you have a lot at stake. BASF partners with you to get every ounce of potential out of your fields.


    With U.S. potato production totaling more than 40 billion pounds a year, U.S. potato growers look to experts in the field like BASF to help maximize their potato quality, harvest and profit potential.


    Oilseed rape is a member of the Brassicaceae family and is grown for a variety of different uses such as animal feed, edible oils and bio-fuels.


    Grown in almost every state in the U.S. across about 63 million acres, wheat is a vital crop that feeds millions and supports the livelihood of thousands of people and families. BASF is working with farmers to help produce the best crops possible on every acre.


    From North Dakota to Louisiana, growers in the soybean belt face many different challenges, but one is the same for all: getting more yield out of each acre and more profitability out of the entire crop.


    With almond acres in California producing a record 2 billion pounds of exported almonds, it’s more important than ever to help almond growers achieve high levels of quality and production. BASF brings a portfolio of crop protection products to help solve disease, weed and insect challenges on the almond acre.


    It’s a sustaining food for two-thirds of the world’s people. And you grow it for a living. BASF helps rice growers succeed from planting and flooding to harvest through agronomic insights and products that deliver the quality and yields you expect


    Cereals are one of the bedrocks of U.S. agriculture. In 2017, U.S. farmers planted wheat on nearly 45.7 million acres and barley on almost 2.4 million acres, along with 2.5 million acres of oats and nearly 6 million acres of sorghum. While a majority is grown in the Northern Plains, Plains and Pacific Northwest, cereals are planted across the country, in a wide variety of growing environments.


    Corn yields may be at record highs, but the farm economy isn’t. And that’s leaving corn growers searching for the best solutions to meet their challenges and get their ROI. For a growing number, that means Grow SmartTM with BASF.