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    Grow corn that rises above the rest.

      Corn yields may be at record highs, but the farm economy isn’t. And that’s leaving corn growers searching for the best solutions to meet their challenges and get their ROI. For a growing number, that means Grow SmartTM with BASF.

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      At BASF, we believe every acre of productive land has unrealized potential—the possibility for healthier corn, higher yields and increased profits. From BASF’s portfolio of solutions for corn, to personalized planning and protection against risk, our people in the field and the labs work with you to address the challenges you face. From planning to harvest, we’re focused on helping you get the most, corn acre after corn acre.

      Growers today know that it costs more per bushel to produce corn, and the most effective way to reduce your cost per bushel is to increase yield. It’s not enough to look at it as “cost per acre”. It’s about return on the investment you make. That’s why BASF works closely with you to help maximize your potential revenue generation through increased yield potential.

      Talk to your BASF representative or authorized retailer about how to Grow SmartTM with BASF, and use our products to grow corn that rises above the rest.

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