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    Charter® F2 Fungicide Seed Treatment Banner Image
    Farming & Crop Protection Charter® F2 Fungicide Seed Treatment

    Charter® F2 Fungicide Seed Treatment

      Give your wheat and barley seeds and seedlings a faster start and a stronger finish with Charter F2 fungicide seed treatment. Charter F2 combines the broad-spectrum disease control of Charter® fungicide seed treatment and the excellent protection against Pythium species provided by Acquire® fungicide seed treatment.

    Benefits of Charter F2 Fungicide Seed Treatment
    Broad-spectrum disease control
    Excellent protection against Pythium

      How Charter F2 Fungicide Seed Treatment Works
      Charter F2 gives your seeds the ability to grow vigorously. This innovative seed treatment contains both triticonazole and metalaxyl for broad-spectrum disease control and increased emergence in an easy-to-use, low-dust premixed formulation with built-in polymer coating. In addition, the formulation characteristics of Charter F2 make it handle well in various types of seed treatment equipment and planters and in a broad range of temperatures.

      Field trials were conducted from 2005 to 2009 at demonstration trial sites and at multiple winter wheat locations throughout the U.S. by universities and private cooperators. When compared against untreated and competitive seed treatment fungicides, the wheat yield results from trials throughout the US over multiple years reaffirm the long track record of seed safety and positive effects on emergence, stand and yields associated with the Charter line of products.

      Always read and follow label directions.

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