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    Cows eating alfalfa

    Grow alfalfa that’s high quality to the last bite.

      Whether you’re growing alfalfa for your own livestock or selling it to others to feed theirs, you need a crop that maximizes both quality and yield.

      That means keeping your alfalfa healthy and strong while you’re establishing a stand, and while managing it in the years after. It means keeping your alfalfa healthy from spring green-up to fall dormancy. And it means protecting your alfalfa during regrowth, so you can maximize yield potential from the first cut to the last.

      BASF has an expansive portfolio of products designed to help your alfalfa get off to a great start each season and continue that success throughout the year. With crop protection solutions from herbicide to insecticide to fungicide, you can control any pest that threatens your fields.

      With experts ready to answer questions or provide local insights, we can help you create a plan tailored to your fields and your challenges, so you can grow alfalfa that fuels peak animal performance.

      Contact your BASF representative or Authorized Retailer today.