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Agricultural Solutions

Finding The Right Balance For Success – For Farmers, Agriculture And Future Generations

Modern agriculture is facing more diverse and complex challenges than ever before. Around the world, farmers are expected to produce enough food for a rapidly growing population and find smarter ways to cultivate the land in balance with nature. At BASF, we help find the right balance for success for farmers, for agriculture and for future generations.

That’s why we are investing in a strong research and development pipeline to underpin a broad portfolio of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and biological crop protection products, as well as seeds, traits, seed treatment products and digital solutions. Our scientific expertise extends much further than agriculture. We also provide innovative solutions for public health, professional pest control, ornamentals, turf and landscape management.

In Malaysia, we are proud to work with customers from the following areas:

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Crop Protection

To ensure crops can grow to their full potential, farmers count on products and services to help them produce crops in higher quantities but also make them tastier and more nutritious.  

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Pest Control

Pests create hygiene problems, damage to buildings and the transmission of disease. BASF delivers solutions to keep homes, food establishments, and businesses clean and pest-free.  

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Public Health

BASF provides innovative vector control products and programs to public health, governmental and humanitarian organizations to prevent the spread of disease.

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