Improved packaging by BASF – the innovative solution

Farmers need the right solutions to get their everyday work done. This includes having the right packaging for all of their crop protection products. Encouraging safer and more efficient use of crop protection products is one of BASF’s top priorities.

Why a new packaging system?

BASF agronomists asked farmers to assist in developing a new packaging system. It aims to simplify farmers’ work by allowing them to handle Crop Protection Products in a safe and efficient manner that is, at the same time, environmentally friendly.

During the cross-national testing phase, farmers’ experience and proposals led to concrete improvements like an optimized handle and gripping surface to improve the handling of the new packaging. The result of that input, coupled with BASF’s experience in package design, led to a lightweight, easy-to-handle-canister: the Eco-Pack Canister.


Key facts about the new system

The new packaging system was developed and designed in collaboration with farmers. They were particularly concerned about handling and safety—two often overlooked aspects of famers’ daily routines.

The Eco-Pack canister has a central opening at the top, a screw cap without a foil seal and a special design that reduces spillage and glugging and optimizes rinsing and pouring. 

Lightweight design and a flexible handle simplify the use of the product. BASF’s new, innovative Eco-Pack comes in three practical sizes: one liter, five liter and ten liter containers.

The advantages for the farmers and the environment are manifold: With the new Eco-Pack system, the farmer’s risk of coming into contact with a product is reduced significantly. The easy handling design enables a more efficient use of the crop protection product. At the same time, farmers save up to 25 percent of their working time spent on opening and emptying the canister. An eco-efficiency analysis proved the advantages of the new containers for both the farmer and the environment. The new Eco-Pack system is significantly more environmentally friendly than existing packaging solutions.

The Eco-Pack canister – an innovative and sustainable solution

Helping farmers to handel the pesticide better and easier

Did you know?

By 2014, when the Eco-Pack has been fully launched in Europe, the annual volume of greenhouse gas emissions caused by crop protection containers will be reduced by approximately 2,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalents.

That equates to the amount of CO2 that 80,000 trees can absorb from the atmosphere annually.