Farming Stories project: La Caravane des Céréaliers

La Caravane des Céréaliers

Finding innovative ways to reach out to small-scale farmers is a key priority for local BASF teams. In 2017, Caravane des Céréaliers was launched as part of a program to increase social impact among cereal growers in Morocco. It was established by four partners in the supply and food value chain to provide farmers with technical support, crop inputs and access to market.



Cereals crops cover 55 percent of the arable land in Morocco. Almost all Moroccan cereal growers are considered small or medium scale farmers, with most of them owning fewer than five hectares. Most of these farmers are illiterate, and they lack the resources and technological know-how to optimize agricultural production and increase their yields. With la Caravane des Céréaliers, BASF and its partners reach out to farmers in remote areas of Morocco and provide them with training and spray recommendations to increase yield and profit.

Farming Stories project: La Caravane des Céréaliers


The training programs include good agricultural practices, responsible application of crop protection products and the use of personal protective equipment. In addition, smallholders gain better access to high quality crop inputs and can connect to potential buyers of their crops. Each training session is held in a mobile classroom that has space for 30 farmers. In three to four 40-minute sessions per day, cereal growers receive expert advice on plant diseases, disease control and the responsible and effective use of crop protection products. During the sessions, farmers also have contact with seed, fertilizer and crop protection companies as well as potential buyers of their produce.



PPE-kits delivered



Cereal areas visited


Farmers trained


SDG 2 – No Hunger

Supporting smallholder cereal farmers in Morocco to grow more quality food and to increase incomes.

SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-Being

Training on safety and product stewardship and the use of personal protective equipment.

SDG 4 – Quality Education

Training sessions on good agricultural practices.

SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals

BASF partnered with the distributor Amaroc, the flour mill Zine Céréales and the national seed provider SONACOS.