Welcome to our virtual biodiversity information path

The interaction between biodiversity and agriculture is full of complexities and open questions. Perhaps once you have happened to walk through a cultivated area and wondered what lives inside those fields, aside from the crops.

This question is a very important one as there is growing evidence that many species have become quite rare, putting biodiversity at stake. To support biodiversity and the health of its fields, BASF has adopted some new approaches at its own farm - the BASF Rehhütte Farm Estate, located in Ludwigshafen-Oppau. The goal was to illustrate how simple measures, such as flowering strips, stone piles and insect hotels, can form important habitats and protection for indigenous animals, fostering biodiversity.


The Rehhütte Farm Estate manages a total area of 500 hectares and measures for the preservation and promotion of biodiversity have been implemented on approximately six hectares.