We all want to treat our earth kindly, keep our impact on the environment minimal and protect nature for future generations. So do farmers, and so do we as BASF. With AgBalance we support farmers in assessing the impact of their farm operation holistically, and this includes its toxicological footprint.

When used properly, crop protection products do not pose any unacceptable risk to humans, animals or the environment. We are committed to strict environmental standards. Our crop protection products are developed with utmost care and tested both by us and by external, independent authorities. However, it is possible that chemical crop protection products emit to the environment, with potential effects on the health of animals or people on the farm or in the vicinity. Therefore, AgBalance supports farmers in assessing the toxicological footprint of their farm operation, in order to make good decisions on agricultural practices.

Toxicity In AgBalance

Human Toxicity: The toxicity impact of agricultural chemicals on humans is assessed in AgBalance® Model with the USEtox® model release version 2.12, using characterization factors developed by Rosenbaum, et al. (2008)1, based on environmental fate, exposure and effects.

Freshwater ecotoxicity: The USEtox® model assesses the ecotoxicity impact using the freshwater ecotoxicity as an indicator. This decision was based on the fact that most of the data needed for the calculation of CFs, such as the bioconcentration factor, is widely available with regards to water organisms (Rosenbaum et al. 2008)1.

The toxicity potential results from the use of plant protection products, emissions from fertilizers and farming practices. For more information on how toxicity is calculated in AgBalance, check the pdf with the technical documentation of the environmental impact assessment.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Technical documentation

1 Rosenbaum, R., Bachmann, T., Swirsky Gold, L., Huijbregts, M., Jolliet, O., Juraske, R., . . . Hauschild, M. (2008). USEtox - The unep-SETAC toxicity model: recommended characterisation factors for human toxicity and freshwater ecotoxicity in life cycle impact assessment. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 13, 532-546. doi:10.1007/s11367-008-0038-4