Packaging And Other Materials

Fertilizers, seeds and plant protection products arrive at farms in packaging. Furthermore, crops are protected with e.g. mulch films or foil covers.

Other Materials And AgBalance

The default setting used for packaging materials are listed in the table below. The contributions of the packaging materials for seed bags, mineral fertilizers and crop protection agents are calculated according to the package to product mass ratio.

Other materials include e.g. protecting materials that protect crops from environmental factors, like hail or frost or materials used for specific cases e.g. binding twine, material for nursery substrates, etc. These materials vary depending on the goal and scope of the study. If required for the sustainability analysis, these materials are included manually.

It is assumed that packaging materials are incinerated after use. Due to the variety of materials and case specific use the disposal of protecting materials and non-specified materials is not modelled so far.

Packaging Material Mass of Material [kg] Mass of Product [kg]
Seed bags Paper / Cardboard 0,7 50
Fertilizer big bag Polypropylen 3 500
Plant Protection Container Polyethylene 0,4 10