Farming Practices

Farmers are using a variety of practices to produce food. Even cultivating the same crop can differ from farm to farm and region to region. In most cases the tractor is used for field preparations, planting, application of fertilizers and crop protection as well as harvest.

Farming Practices And AgBalance

In AgBalance different farming practices and their impact on the environment are assessed. When the field is prepared, the intensity of tillage has an impact on the fuel consumption and on soil erosion rates. Planting, harvesting and field operations like irrigation, fertilization and the application of plant protection products are also taken into consideration. Especially particular cultivation methods like biomass combustion, or the foolding for the cultivation of rice, may lead to emissions into soil, water and air.

The tractor belongs to the most commonly used agricultural machinery for farming practices. For the tractor not only the fuel consumption during farming practices is reflected in the model, but also the production of lubricants and the transportation of fertilizers to the field. 

Farming Practices

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