Emissions into Soil, Water and Air

Farming practices cause various emissions into the environment. Depending on the inputs, like fertilizers and crop protection agents, the actual farming practices like tillage and irrigation, but also on the soil composition, the emission and with that the impact on the environment can immensely vary from farm to farm, from region to region and crop to crop. 

Emissions and AgBalance

The AgBalance model considers different sources of emissions into the different compartments. They include:

- heavy metal emissions due to soil erosion and fertilizer application into soil and water

- emission of plant protection products into soil, water and air

- nitrogen and phosphorus emissions from fertilizer application into water

- nitrogen-based air emissions from fertilizers and combustion (diesel and biomass)

- other air emissions like particulate matter, methane etc.

More detailed information on emission calculation COMING SOON

Emissions into Soil, Water and Air

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