Ancient Ingredients – Wheat

Jamie and James explore wheat, one of the world’s most ancient ingredients. On their journey, they learn how wheat is grown, how it is made into flour and how wheat consumption has changed over time. Finally, they enter a fierce cooking battle to see who can create the best wheat-based dish: Jamie, the normal guy, or chef James? 

Behind the scenes

The Sorted team met Hannah Darby at her farm in Huntingdon, UK. After touring her wheat fields, the team interviewed Hannah and BASF sustainability expert Mike Green about how wheat is cultivated and some of the challenges of modern agriculture. Back in the studio, they met up with wheat expert Alex Waugh to learn more about flour and the history of wheat. Then, they faced off in a battle to cook up the best wheat dish. 

Everything you wanted to know about wheat


Sorted’s wheat-based dishes:

Beef, Whisky And Porcini Suet Pie



The SORTED Team celebrates the wonderful wheat grain in this hearty recipe. Beef cheek, shallots and porcini mushrooms come together with wheat-based whisky, beer and flour to make a delicious pie.  

Spelt, Carrot And Fennel Cake With Wheat Beer Caramel, Crispbread And Blackberries

Wheat has never tasted as good as in this incredible dessert recipe! Moist spelt carrot cake doused in wheat beer caramel with juicy berries, crème fraîche and seeded crispbread to finish, makes for a satisfying end to any meal.